World Cup and Places to See While Visiting It


The FIFA world cup is an international tournament contested by national teams of member’s association of FIFA, and this year 2018, it is scheduled to take place in Russia beginning June 14th and the way to July 15th, 2018.

As thousands of people travel to watch the world’s most significant sporting event, here are places you might want to see while there.


The Volga is Europe’s longest river concerning drainage basin and discharge and is a primary tourist site. There are beautiful cottages, colorful churches, domes shining in sunlight between Moscow and St Petersburg that are breathtaking and out of this world.


The trans-Siberian railway has been referred to by some as the world’s most magnificent trans journey and covers a whopping 9258 kilometers, and the journey takes 168 days nonstop from Moscow to Vladivostok. For some travelers, the trip offers a different unique way to see Russia and the stops along the way allow you to see beautiful towns like Siberia with extremely beautiful architecture and lakes.


ST Petersburg city is Russia’s most romantic city. The city is endowed with palaces, elegant houses, museums with masterpieces and the magnificent Vasilevskiy Island. The town has excellent train and ferry connections that allow you to explore the city all you want. This is definitely a city to check out while in Russia for the world cup.


Baikal is the world’s deepest lake plunging to depths of up to 700 meters. The lake has walking paths, hot springs, 27 islands, and villages surrounding it. The shores of Lake Baikal have numerous hotels and resorts and camping grounds most of which are of the Soviet times. On the lakes southwestern side, there are immaculate gardens, with cute wooden houses and is one of the most famous destinations. From sampling local fish, to taking walks through the pine forest surrounding the lake, there is an endless list of activities to do while at Lake Baikal.


The Bolshoi theatre, meaning big theatre, is a stunning building that hosts opera and ballet performances. Russian ballet dancers’ are one of the highest in the world so it would be spectacular to see these performances for you while in Russia for the world cup. In addition to that, the building itself is an experience due to its exquisite architecture.


The red square is the soul and heart of Russia and the most famous landmark of Moscow. Inside the square is a cathedral church with colorful domes and it is a spectacular sight. The Kremlin is also located here. This is the home of the president of Russia. These are the red walls that surround the square. There is also a museum inside the red square that you can take an excursion.