Reasons to Visit Aspen on your next Family Vacation


As a popular resort area, Aspen has been a destination that has seen an enormous amount of visitors. It’s mostly known for its outstanding ski slopes and breathtaking mountains, but it’s actually so much more than that. It’s a resort that’s accessible the whole year-round, and there’s a large number of activities to do in any month. From shopping to exploring the Rockies, Aspen is a heaven on Earth that everyone should at least once.

Aspen is a readily accessible destination. It’s a town found in Colorado, which means that it never closes down since it’s not a single resort or a hotel. It’s a very active town, with a large number of celebrities constantly visiting it too, but due to its popularity, there’s a good number of places with great accommodations. You can readily find Aspen rentals in every time of the year. It’s but one of the many reasons why visiting Aspen is an excellent choice.

Ski Slopes

Aspen is located in a deep valley which is surrounded by tall, towering mountains. In fact, there are four of them. The Rockies are an absolutely stunning mountain range, and these four mountains offer some of the most amazing ski slopes in the entire wider region. There’s just something amazing about skiing down these slopes, but even when you’re not skiing there are still excellent ski resorts to simply lounge in. The Aspen Snowmass is one of them, and whichever one you choose you’re bound to have a great time.

Outdoors activities

It’s true that Aspen is most known for its skiing, but the town allows for a large number of other activities in its region. The winter is when Aspen truly feels alive, so besides skiing, you can also try ice skating, snowshoeing, as well as cross-country skiing. That’s not to say that the other seasons aren’t as nice for a visit. Summer is the time the surrounding nature gains its glorious charm, so be sure to check out the many activities possible. Things like golf, horseback riding, fishing, paragliding, and rock climbing are some of the many things you can do in the warmer season. Aspen and its surrounding region are heaven for the outdoorsman that enjoys nature.

The X Games

The winter season in Aspen is amazing for many things. There are several events that happen in the winter in Aspen, but few have as large a spotlight as the Aspen X Games. They’re winter sports games of the highest magnitude, where experts and professionals of their respective fields gather in an awesome competition that takes place on a weekend. Some of the largest names in winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are present at this event, which is much more than just a tournament or competition. It’s more akin to a festival with large stages for live music, and celebrations filled with music and food. It’s a very amazing and wild experience.

Maroon Bells

The scenery around Aspen is stunning and breathtaking every part of the year. It’s perfect for exploration as it’s very picturesque, and it’s one of the most popular destinations to snap a photo in the US. One of the most popular, and frankly amazing, spots is Maroon Bells. It’s considered as some of the most picture-perfect places in the States, where you’re being treated with one exquisite shot after the other. With the many towering peaks around you while you’re hiking in a valley, and a tranquil lake in your vicinity, you’re definitely going to feel amazing coming here. It’s one of the most recommended spots around Aspen, and for very good reasons.

An amazing culinary scene

Aspen might be most famous for its outdoors side, but it actually has a thriving and very amazing culinary scene. The downtown area of Aspen might not be too large, but it’s home to over 80 restaurants alone. The entire town is chock full with different types of restaurants, and many of the popular ones are for fresco dining. In spring and summer, this is when the culinary scene is most active, so you’ll be able to find delicacies that you’ll rarely find anywhere else. If you happen to be visiting Aspen in June, make sure to check the Aspen Food and Wine Festival. It’s the ultimate foodie experience and a perfect family-friendly event.

Culture and Arts

When you’d want to take a break from the numerous outdoors activities it might be time to start exploring Aspen’s artistic side. It’s probably not obvious at first glance, as the resort side of the town usually has a larger spotlight, but Aspen has a thriving artistic side to it that’s perfect to explore. There several film and music venues, as well as theaters, so world-class acts and performances regularly call Aspen home. The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is a local favorite, as well as the Aspen Art Museum. The Aspen Institute and Aspen Words are popular for fans of the literary arts, and downtown has a large assortment of art galleries that you probably should miss.

Celebrity Spotting

Aspen is a town with an almost unusually high number of celebrities. It’s not only a place where many celebrities visit but also live. Jack Nicholson and Charlie Sheen are only a few of the celebrities that have made Aspen their home, with many others also having a house or apartment within the city. It’s possible to be out for a simple stroll in Aspen and see one of your favorite celebrities.

Visiting Aspen is always amazing. It’s a family-friendly destination with a great number of activities and things to do, and everyone should visit it at least once in their lives.