How to Know What All Is Included in Disney Vacation Packages

Does your kid want to go on a Disney vacation?

On average, around 250,000 guests travel to different Disney parks to enjoy their time. Most of these are children who want to fulfill their dream of spending a day in the land where their dreams come true. However, their parents also have a dream where they don’t have to spend so much on a Disney vacation.

This is where Disney vacation packages come in and save parents from spending too much. It’s always been an option, but only a few people go for it. This is often because they’re unaware of what the package includes.

To know what these packages include, take a look at what we have below. We’ll tell you what’s included in the package so you know what you’re getting out of it.

Easier Booking

What’s great about getting a Disney vacation package is that you need not stress about booking and travel. This is often the most stressful part of planning the vacation as it’s hectic to find a good suite for your family. What’s worse is that finding Disney parking spots is the most hectic task in the vacation.

When getting the vacation package, though, you only need to contact your travel agent. You can also contact Walt Disney World to help you with the process. Once you get a package deal, you’re then asked to provide some information.

Things like your check-in and check-out date and your legal names are what you need to submit. The number of adults and children in the groups is also asked. Once finished, you’re given a price and asked to be on a courtesy hold.

It’s worth accepting these as changes in schedules happen often in Walt Disney World. You’ll then get contacted again once they have something for you. A small deposit is what you’ll have to give around this time. 

Once paid up, Walt Disney World will print up your documentation. This will contain some of the vouchers that you will need and luggage tags with your names on it.

What’s great about this whole process is that you’re guaranteed a parking space! This means you need not worry about parking at Disney resorts anymore.

Accommodations at a Resort of Your Choosing

As mentioned above, you’re asked some questions as you get a vacation package from your travel agent or Walt Disney World. Among these questions is the resort where you’d like to stay in. This means that you’re guaranteed the room of your choosing in the place that you want to have a vacation in.

Once you arrive at your chosen resort, you’re then given a MagicBand. This will contain all the other vouchers included in your package deal. It will also act as your resort room key, your admission for theme park entrance, and your resort ID. 

This also allows you to skip the long lines in the park’s more popular attractions. While you can only use up to three of these passes per day in the park, these are still nice features to have if you want to avoid long lines. This makes your MagicBand invaluable and important to keep on you at all times.

Should you lose it, though, you need not worry about it too much. You only need to visit the Guest Relations part of the park and approach their front desk. You’ll need to log in using your My Disney Experience account.

You’ll get a replacement for your lost MagicBand after doing this. You also don’t need to worry about another guest getting your band. They won’t be able to use it without knowing your custom pin code for the band.

Dinners Every Night

It’s no secret that any meal in Disney parks, whether be kiosks or restaurants, is expensive. With a dining plan in your vacation package, though, you won’t need to worry about dinner while you’re at the park.

Even the cheapest dinner plan in the vacation packages are worth your while. A quick service meal includes an entree and a non-alcoholic beverage. You get two of these along with two snacks per night.

With a regular dining plan, you get an entree and a dessert per night. You’re also entitled to basic table service and even an alcoholic beverage if you’re over 21. You also get a counter service entitlement in the plan, which involves the things detailed in a quick service plan.

With a deluxe dining plan, you will get 3 meals per night, 2 snacks, and 1 refillable mug. These meals include the appetizer along with the entree and dessert. This is perfect for foodies who are looking to experience Disney World for their cuisine.

Tons Of Extra Activities and Discounts

What’s great about these packages is that you get Disney extras. There are tons of activities that you have better access to with a vacation package. These include an 18-hole round of mini golf from two different courses and general admission to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex during their event days.

You even have discounts on activities like bowling and bike rental for use in the park. Speaking of discounts, these also extend to some of the more popular shops in the resort. You can get up to a maximum of 20% off of the items in select shops.

This is great if you want to bring over lots of souvenirs from your vacation. It’s the perfect way for you to get your money’s worth when going to these parks.

Know What You’re Getting From Disney Vacation Packages Today

Saving your finances while going for a Disney vacation may sound impossible to some people. With Disney vacation packages, though, you can worry less about your finances and spend the day enjoying with your family, instead! Check them out and get yourself a package today!

Do you want to learn more about these great packages? You can get more benefits and deals for the next time you want to visit Disney parks. Check out more of our guides to find out how you can avail of these deals today!