6 Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe When Traveling


There’s nothing worse than going for a trip over the weekend to see the folks and realizing that everything you’ve brought on your trip has in one way or the other, grown legs and walked off. Yet this is a major problem we’re constantly trying to avoid when traveling because nobody likes having to replace half their wardrobe after what could have been an amazing vacation. So here are 6 ways to keep your stuff safe when traveling:

Spread It All Around

The biggest method to prevent getting stranded is splitting your money into multiple parts and then stuffing these into your shoe, back pocket, bag and wherever else you’re comfortable stashing your cash. This way, if you’re pick pocketed or happen to lose one stash, you can always depend on the rest to sort yourself out.

Lift Your Bags Yourself

Most times at airports or bus terminals, there’s the odd bunch sniffing out clueless tourists that would rather have someone else lugging around their luggage. These people wait hours for opportunities like this and you would sooner see them running off with all you own than see them help you lift it into a cab heading to where you’re going to spend the night

Secret Pockets

Investing in underwear and underclothing that have pockets and zippers are a prime example of a paranoid mind but also someone who cares about extremely important and difficult to replace items like your credit cards or passports. Keeping them in these hidden compartments would always keep you at rest as you can feel your valuables pressing against your body at all times.

Them Before You

If you’re feeling extra anxious about a shifty locale that you’re a travel, it’s an amazing idea to simply ship your valuables to where you’re headed before you travel. Booking your flight for when they’re stated to arrive is a great way to simply pick them up when you do get there with no hassle or worries whatsoever

Fasten It Securely

If traveling by train or any form of transportation that doesn’t include a secure overhead space for your luggage like a plane, getting a bike or luggage lock and tightly fastened luggage to it would ensure you have an added advantage of security even if you decide to sleep for a few minutes.

Get It Covered

Like everything, there’s always a final foolproof method that usually costs a bit of money but also mostly gets rid of all your anxieties. This involves getting insurance on all your valuables. This should really never be your first option if you can help it, as items that hold sentimental value like your grandfather’s watch or particularly expensive things can’t be replaced.