5 Things to do In the Canadian Rockies

TheCanadian Rockies are one of a few world’s places with a diverse scenery rangeand activities. Some of which include; hiking, wildlife spotting, relaxing inthe hot springs and traveling around the rocky mountaineer.

Here are things you shouldn’t miss engaging in while on the Rockies:

1. Cruise To Spirit Island

Lake Maligne is located in the heart of towering mountains and guess what? It’s the largest glacially fed lake in the Canadian Rockies. And its destination is a 40-minute drive from the famous Jasper town. It’s where you can discover the tiny tied world-famous Spirit Island, which is only accessible by boat.

The cruise on lake Maligne to Spirit Island is about 30 minutes and you’ll be impressed by the stunning lofty peaks and the beauty of the blue waters. The perfect time to smoke a joint, enjoy the benefits of CBD oil or drink a beer.

But here’s a secret: it’s better to visit the Spirit Island in the late afternoon because it’s when the light is perfect to take pictures and there’s no crowd.

2. Visit Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw falls are the gateway to the most beautiful hiking in the Canadian Rockies like the Iceline trail that starts near the falls.

As a matter of fact, these falls are among the highest falls in Canada and are 1260 feet in total. They are magnificent as their name.  Because in Cree, a Canadian aboriginal language, ‘’Takakkaw’’ means magnificent.

On the other hand, Takakkaw falls feed on the Daly glacier and it keeps their volume up in the warm summer months. More so, the spray of the falls can be felt at their base after a short hike and their view can be enjoyed from far.

3. Sight Wildlife

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? If you are then the Canadian Rockies are your perfect holiday destination. Wondering why? There is various wildlife you can’t miss to spot as you explore the area. Like the large mammals which include; bighorn sheep, coyotes, elk, black bears, grizzlies and these are the mountain inhabitants.

But here’s the thing: The best times you can sight wildlife are during dusk and dawn as these are the active hours during which many of the animals feed.

4. Rest in the Hot Springs

After a long day of hiking, cruising, and riding, Banff upper springs, Radium Springs, and Miette springs provide you with an unforgettable relaxing experience in the steamy hot water. And you have a variety of hot springs to choose and relax from.

By the way, Banff upper hot springs are found at the foot of Sulphur mountain near Banff town. Radium hot springs are located in Kootenay National park while the Miette hot springs have the hottest mineral water in the Canadian Rockies and are found in Jasper National park.

5. Travel on the Rocky Mountaineer

This is one of the world’s greatest train journeys you can ever embark on. And it gives you the best experience on the majestic Canadian Rockies. The passing scenery ranges from glacial lakes, turbulent rivers, black lava cliffs, canyons to the bighorn sheep or even grizzly bear.

Want to know the best part? In the luxurious train, you’ll be served with plenty of cooked-to-order meals and a variety of cocktails and snacks by personable hosts.

Case In Point

Makeyour visit memorable by exploring the great places andget involved in the various activities in the Canadian Rockies.