4 Ways to Share the Holidays with Original Gifts

With the holiday season going into full swing, the pressures of buying superficial gifts can start to mount up. However, you do not have to spend money buying gifts you believe are meaningless. Here are a few ways to share the holidays with original gifts.

Give the Gift of Giving To Charity

Instead of spending lots of money buying gifts for friends and family, an alternate way to give them a gift is to donate to charity on their behalf. For some reason, many people welcome the idea of money being given in their names as an alternative to getting presents. It is also beneficial to you, as you get to feel the joy that comes with giving to others. You will, however, have to do the work of searching for charities that are legitimately making a change. You can check out Charity Navigator, the charity evaluation site, to find trustworthy charities that are doing good work.

Make a Gift With Your Hands

Another way to give original gifts as you share the holidays is to make the gifts yourselves. Handmade gifts can be anything from knitted sweaters to handmade toys, to homemade fruit cakes or fudge brownies. You can even go all the way and make your own Christmas wrapping using leftover newspaper printing papers. They are great when you have friends who you have been giving store-bought gifts for a while. Gifts like homemade treats are also great for gifting to your neighbors. You can show up and deliver them the day before Christmas like a nice, neighborly elf.

Adopt a Family For Christmas

A very original way to share the spirit of Christmas is to find a family in need and to “adopt them” for the holiday. Most people know at least one or two families that are going through relatively challenging times and could use some help. You can help them by purchasing all their essential needs for Christmas like food and drinks. If they have any children, you can find out what the children want for Christmas and buy those gifts for the children on behalf of their parents. This is a great way to show love during the holidays and beats simply going to shop for presents.

Give an Experience Gift

A final way to give an original gift is to make an experience the gift. Many of the people you buy gifts for already have everything they need. But almost nobody ever has enough experiences. For example, you could take your parents out to a fancy restaurant they have always wanted to go to or take your nieces out to an afrobeat concert. Whatever you choose, make it an experience they will love and never forget.

The holidays are special and the gifts that you give during this period should be thoughtful and original. Try out any of the gifts on this list and share a beautiful holiday with your friends, family, and other loved ones.