3 Beginner-Friendly Tips to Record Good Travel Videos

Recording videos while traveling is easy, especially nowadays that mobile phones and simple digital cameras are capable of recording high quality videos. However you may still find that it is difficult to record good travel videos – but that isn’t due to the camera.

The fact of the matter is that recording good travel videos is challenging – and there are lots of unexpected factors you’ll have to deal with. Still there are a few beginner-friendly tips that will help you to record good travel videos with much better footage:

  • Find a way to keep the camera steady

One of the most frequent problems with travel video footage is that it is shaky. That can be hard to avoid, but you should try to find a way to keep your camera as steady as possible.

The best way by far is to use a portable travel tripod when you’re recording. Alternatively if you want an option that is slightly less stable but easier to move around you could try a monopod or a camera holder of some type.

Of course holding your camera in your own two hands can work too – but it is difficult to keep it completely steady.

  • Try to find good lighting

Odds are you’ll have little (or no) control over the lighting when you’re traveling, but you should still try to find good lighting when you can. Taking advantage of overcast and cloudy days to shoot lots of video in the diffused light can be a good start – as can making it a point to shoot during the golden hour.

If you’re indoors try to position yourself so that the light is as good as possible. It is possible to find travel lighting kits that are portable enough to bring with you if you feel you’ll really need them.

  • Plan out the story – in advance

Shooting video footage first and then trying to knit it together into a travel video later is not really a very good approach. Instead you will find it far easier if you plan out the story that you want to tell in advance – at least roughly.

By being aware of the story, you can decide what important scenes you need to record. That way you can spend more time on them, and less time recording video footage that you probably won’t use.

Once you’re done recording your footage you can put it all together using Movavi Video Editor as a movie creator. It will let you cut and join your videos, trim out unwanted parts, and enhance the quality or fix any issues that are present. On top of that you can add background music, insert text, apply special effects, and much more.

All said and done the best way to see how these tips will help you to record good travel videos is to try them out. Make it a point to practice them, and you’ll end up with far more impressive travel videos.