Live Like a Local: See, Shop and Savor in Boston, Massachusetts


Boston became the main character of the longest running and the most popular video game series of all time– Fallout.

In the latest installment, Fallout 4, Boston was featured throughout the game in its apocalyptic version but still recognizable due to its many historic landmarks. Find out why Bethesda chose Boston as an immersive setting for their amazing game, and experience Boston for yourself with this helpful guide.

As a city that was founded in early 17th century, right at the onset of conquering the new land, Boston is one of the oldest cities in North America. As such, it enjoys a rich architecture and culture, comparable to many European cities with whom it shares a common zeitgeist.

Freedom Trail is the best way to savor the rich history of the Massachusetts’ capitol. Marking all historic locations on your smartphone’s map, Freedom Trail will take just a few hours, enough to familiarize yourself with the Boston’s revolutionary sites, and other locations worth of note as the city grew.

Freedom Trail starts at the Boston’s oldest public park, Boston Common, and ends at the Bunker Hill Monument, with which you will be very familiar if you played Fallout 4.

Although Freedom Trail is highly recommended for your first visit to Boston, as a way to truly appreciate its intense history, there are many other locations that are to be experienced not as a tourist but as a local.

Lively trade is always the most fruitful method of getting to know any locale, and Boston is no exception. If you need to go shopping, visiting Quincy Market and Haymarket are the best ways to experience the city’s atmosphere. Furthermore, you will be sure to find something that is affordable and delicious, from fresh fruits, myriad of cheeses and fish, to freshly picked flowers.

If you prefer indoors, more elegant shopping, the Copley Place is one of the largest shopping malls in Boston. And unlike most other shopping malls, it is not a boxy, sterile experience. Instead, you will see that the Copley Place is a majestic fusion of modern and old architecture. Definitely not your ordinary shopping mall!

Not to mention that it offers more than 75 stores, although be prepared to spend more than you would at the markets.

However, the waterfront CambridgeSide shopping mall takes the cake when it comes to size and commercial offer.

Speaking of waterfronts, you can’t leave Boston without trying out its interesting aquamarine cuisine.

After all, Boston was founded at its current location thanks to the confluence of river networks which connect to the Atlantic Ocean. Such perfect location promoted advantageous commercial growth, including an integration of a variety of river and sea food.

Without emptying your wallet in order to get the most out of Boston’s culinary offer, visit James Hook & Company for a genuine and affordable seafood snack.

For a more refined restaurant experience, you can’t go wrong with Atlantic Fish Company and Island Creek Oyster Bar. But, be sure to make reservations beforehand, as these are the most popular restaurants for a reason.

In the end, visiting Boston doesn’t require much planning because it formed and grew as a European city of old, instead of a modern megalopolis sprawl. This means that every square of it is dense with something you might want to visit – bars, restaurants, parks, monuments, museums, and charming neighborhoods. Take note of the basics mentioned here, but don’t be afraid to just free roam once you arrive in this unique coastline city!